L.A. Sheriff's Deputies Host Pizza Party to Thank Lindbergh Students for Heartfelt Letters to Injured Officer

A heartwarming act of kindness was met with an equally touching gesture of gratitude when students at Lindbergh Elementary School received a surprise visit from a group of Los Angeles County Sheriff's deputies this week. The deputies, led by an officer who was recently injured in the line of duty, organized a pizza party to thank the students for their heartfelt get-well-soon letters.

On April 23, Deputy Samuel Aispuro of the Century Sheriff's Station was unexpectedly injured while on his motorcycle waiting at a red light. During his recovery, students in Yasmin De La Torre’s class decided to show their support by writing him get-well-soon letters filled with uplifting words, drawings and well wishes for a speedy recovery. 

In a heartening display of appreciation, Deputy Aispuro and eight of his partners visited the school to personally thank the students on May 20. The event was filled with excitement as the students not only enjoyed a pizza party but also had the unique opportunity to ask the deputies about their job duties. The deputies answered questions ranging from their daily responsibilities to the challenges they face on the job, giving students an insightful look into the life of a law enforcement officer.

The interaction fostered a sense of community between the students and the deputies – who are assigned to patrol the Lynwood Unified community – highlighting the positive impact of mutual support and kindness.